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We use state-of-the-art equipment including our giant power vacuum trucks with 12,000 cubic feet per minute of suction (equivalent to all of the air in a typical 4 bedroom house). Where it is not possible to use our trucks (examples: attic units or large office buildings) we use our large portable unit. Both do an excellent job of creating negative air pressure in your duct system. This ensures that  no dust , dirt or debris enter your living area. It's all h.e.p.a. filtered for your safety.
Once negative air pressure is created, we go thru the ductwork with special tools including whips and brushes to loosen all of the debris inside of your system ( uses large air compressors ). This is picked up in the air stream by negative pressure and filtered out. Leaving behind perfectly clean ductwork. No mess guaranteed.
We can handle any kind of air duct cleaning problem including fire damaged ductwork or sensitve environments such as hospitals and doctors offices. Call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE at
(800) AIR- DUCT (247-3828).